Fire Door SFFECO Cold Rolled Steel with Glass Window Model SF/DD by Riyadh Door Company

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Key Features:

  • Premium Material: Constructed from superior cold-rolled steel, ensuring longevity and steadfast resistance against fire, perfect for safeguarding your premises.
  • Visibility and Light: Incorporated with a glass window, these doors not only enhance safety by providing visibility but also allow natural light to penetrate, contributing to a safer and more welcoming environment.
  • Multifunctional Application: Excellently suited for various settings including industrial building entrances, commercial store service doors, and as effective partitions in critical areas like electrical and petrochemical plants.
  • Striking Appearance: The bold red color not only serves as a visual alert but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your environment, with customization options available for colors and sizes to fit your unique specifications.


  • Model: SF/DD, crafted for efficiency and safety.
  • Size: Doors measure 1900 mm in width and 1950 mm in height, with a comprehensive depth of 45 mm, ensuring a perfect fit for a wide range of architectural needs.
  • Compliance: Designed to satisfy diverse architectural requirements, offering a reliable solution for fire safety.

Additional Information:

  • Opt for this high-quality, fire-resistant door to ensure your premises are both safe and stylish.
  • Available immediately in the highest quality at competitive prices, ensuring you don’t have to compromise on safety or budget.
  • Riyadh Door Company is your go-to for advanced fire door solutions, where exceptional quality meets modern safety standards.

Choose the Fire Door SFFECO Cold Rolled Steel Model SF/DD for an effective fire safety solution that stands out with its durability, functionality, and striking red color, enhancing the safety and appearance of your space simultaneously.

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Elevate the safety standards of your facility while adding a vibrant touch with the Fire Door SFFECO Cold Rolled Steel Model SF/DD, available through Riyadh Door Company. This double door ensemble, finished in an eye-catching red, is not just a door; it’s a robust barrier against fire, tailored to meet the complex requirements of modern architectural designs.


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