Fire Door SFFECO Cold Rolled Steel with Rectangular Glass Window Model SF/DD by Riyadh Door Company

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Key Features:

  • Durable Construction: Fabricated from high-quality cold-rolled steel, these doors are built to withstand extreme conditions while ensuring maximum fire resistance.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Features a rectangular glass window on each door, allowing for natural light entry and facilitating quick visual access during emergencies.
  • Wide-ranging Utility: Ideal for securing primary entrances in industrial sites, acting as reliable service accesses in retail spaces, or serving as protective partitions within electric and petrochemical sectors.
  • Striking Visual Appeal: The vivid yellow finish not only serves as an effective visual cue for emergency exits but also adds a distinct character to your building’s aesthetics.


  • Model: SF/DD, a testament to SFFECO’s commitment to superior fire safety solutions.
  • Size: Designed with a door width of 1900 mm and height of 1950 mm, paired with a thickness of 45 mm, making it a versatile choice for various spaces.
  • Customization: Available in a range of colors and sizes to precisely meet your architectural and safety requirements.

Additional Information:

  • Elevate the safety protocol of your establishment with these top-tier, fire-resistant doors.
  • Now available for immediate procurement, ensuring that quality and efficiency are within easy reach.
  • Trust in Riyadh Door Company, your reliable partner for advanced safety solutions, where exceptional quality and design meet.

Adopt the Fire Door SFFECO Cold Rolled Steel Model SF/DD to ensure a safer, more illuminated, and aesthetically pleasing environment, effectively blending safety with style in your industrial or commercial space.

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Illuminate and fortify your premises with the Fire Door SFFECO Cold Rolled Steel Model SF/DD, presented by Riyadh Door Company. This double door configuration, bathed in a striking yellow hue, stands as a beacon of safety and functionality, specifically designed to cater to the rigorous demands of modern industrial and commercial landscapes.


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