Solid Wood Fire Rated Timber Hotel Interior Flush Door with Smart Lock – Model ZL-WPKQ09

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Key Features:

  • Material Excellence: Constructed from the finest solid wood, our fire-rated timber door is designed for both aesthetic appeal and enduring durability. This natural material not only brings warmth and elegance to your interior but also ensures robust protection.
  • Sophisticated Design: Available in various sizes and with options for single, one-and-a-half, or double door designs, the ZL-WPKQ09 can be tailored to fit any entrance, whether it be for a hotel room, office, or apartment. Customization is at the heart of our service; other sizes can be refined to meet your specific requirements.
  • Advanced Security: Equipped with a state-of-the-art smart lock system, this door offers superior security, allowing for peace of mind without compromising on style. Suitable for a range of applications from front entrance doors to security doors, it is ideal for buildings, schools, hospitals, and more.
  • Superior Finish: Choose from a variety of finishes including brushed, wooden grain heat transfer, and matte transfer among others. Our doors come in a multitude of colors such as traditional walnut and red mahogany, ensuring the perfect match for your design theme.
  • Fire Rated for Safety: Prioritizing your safety, this solid wood door is fire-rated, providing added protection against emergencies and enhancing the overall safety of your establishment.
  • Versatile Application: Designed for both exterior and interior use, this door finds its place as an elegant entrance door, a secure office door, or a robust school classroom door, blending seamlessly with any architectural style.
  • Quality Guaranteed: Backed by certifications including CE, China CCCF, ISO9001, and ISO14001, the ZL-WPKQ09 meets rigorous standards, ensuring top-notch quality and reliability.
  • Customization and Comfort: With door leaf thickness options and varying steel frame thicknesses, coupled with a 90-180 degrees opening degree, our door caters to all your functional and aesthetic needs.
  • Timely Delivery and Unmatched Value: We pride ourselves on providing excellent quality at a competitive price, ensuring timely delivery and a comprehensive project solution approach.

Transform your entryways into statements of luxury and safety with the Solid Wood Fire Rated Timber Hotel Interior Flush Door from Riyadh Door Company. Model ZL-WPKQ09 isn’t just a door; it’s a gateway to a safer, more stylish environment.

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Introducing the epitome of craftsmanship and security from Riyadh Door Company: the Solid Wood Fire Rated Timber Hotel Interior Flush Door, model ZL-WPKQ09, by Zonle Doors. Elegantly designed and meticulously crafted in Guangxi, China, this premium door combines traditional elegance with modern security to deliver an unparalleled entryway experience.


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